Tue. March 5 – Deschooling Our Hives: Permaculture & The Purple Thistle Centre


Deschooling our Hives: Permaculture and the Purple Thistle Centre

Tuesday, March 5 from 6:30pm – 9:00pm at the Berger Drive Auditorium – – – – – > 1555 Berger Dr. San Jose, CA 95112

Presentation and Discussion, Hosted by the Santa Clara Valley Master Composters

What are deschooling and permaculture, and how do they be combined to help us transition to a more ecologically rich, socially equitable society?  This presentation explores alternative models for education and engagement for a regenerative future, using the the Purple Thistle Center in Vancouver BC as a case study.  This youth-led collective has grown to specialize in urban permaculture while developing a system of free education accessible to all.  The project includes several intensive permaculture gardens, three beehives, an herbal apothecary, a wetland restoration project, and a young food forest – all on unused industrial land.

The intention is to facilitate an open conversion focused on public engagement on the margins, permaculture-based social systems, and approaches to collective organizing and de-schooling for a regenerative future.
Adam Huggins is a student and teacher of permaculture, a plant speaker, a maker of medicines and music, and a propagator of plants and emulsions.  Native to the West Coast of what is called ‘America’, he has blended work, learning, and play for the last three years at The Purple Thistle Centre in Vancouver, BC, coordinating a youth collective of urban gardeners and developing a unique permaculture farm in blighted industrial soils.  He has biked extensively across North America, studying collective organizing, herbalism, wetland restoration, beekeeping, composting, and botany.  He also crafts music and analog films under the moniker ‘Sunfish Moon Light.’  He has recently returned to California to be closer to his family and is currently becoming a Master Composter, interning at the Hayes Valley Farm in San Francisco, and working with his father and grandfather to transform his family home in Walnut Creek into a permaculture homestead.  

About adamthuggins

Ranges up and down the West Coast from British Columbia to the central coast of California, growing wherever there is adequate sunlight, water, and salt spray.

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